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At DMV Chill Cryotherapy Wellness Spa, we have a story that is rooted in love, compassion, and a commitment to serving our community. Our founders Verona and Silky Sullivan, knows firsthand the toll that poor health can take on an individual and their loved ones. When Verona’s father was diagnosed with dementia and his health was failing due to his living conditions, Verona made the selfless decision to move him into their home and care for him.

As they searched for holistic solutions to aid her father's health, the Sullivan’s were introduced to the transformative power of Localized Targeted Cryotherapy. This new technology not only improved her father's quality of life but also inspired them to share its benefits with others. Thus, DMV Chill Cryotherapy Wellness Spa was born, the metropolitan area's first and only black-owned mobile Targeted Cryotherapy business.

At DMV Chill Cryotherapy Wellness Spa, we believe that everyone, especially the elderly and underserved, deserves access to non-invasive pain management solutions. We want to change the narrative that pills and needles are the only options for managing pain and discomfort. Our goal is to educate our community about the incredible benefits of cryotherapy and empower them to take control of their wellness journeys.

We are more than just a cryotherapy business, though. Our spa also offers a range of wellness services, from sauna, rhythm vibrational therapy, and body-sculpting designed to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. We are passionate about what we do and are committed to providing exceptional care and service to all our clients.

At DMV Chill Cryotherapy Wellness Spa, we know that health is wealth, and we are dedicated to helping you invest in yourself. Join us on this journey towards better health and let us help you feel your best both inside and out.


DMV CHILL -  Verona Sullivan

Verona Sullivan

Founder/Lead Cryotherapy Technician

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Verona Cook Sullivan is an experienced medical professional, having graduated from the University of Maryland in Emergency Medical Services and Sanford Brown for Ultrasound Diagnosis. She has worked for various medical practices in Maryland, gaining over five years of experience under the guidance of doctors and nurse practitioners. Verona had also been a volunteer at the District Heights Fire Department.

As a mother of three young athletes, Verona gained valuable experience in dealing with injuries and recovery methods while serving as team mom for her son's AAU Basketball team for over a decade.

In 2022, Verona and her husband Silky founded the first Minority-Owned Cryotherapy business in the DC Metropolitan Area. Her passion and compassion for her craft make her the ideal person to provide innovative healing solutions to the community.

DMV CHILL - Silky Sullivan

Silky Sullivan

Founder/Cryotherapy Technician

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Silky Sullivan Sr. is a distinguished entrepreneur from Washington, DC with an impressive academic and athletic background. He attended Eastern Senior High School where he excelled in multiple sports, eventually earning a scholarship to play football at Elizabeth City State University, where he majored in Business Management.

Silky's business acumen is rooted in over 25 years of experience in diverse fields, ranging from managing convenience stores to owning and operating a dump truck, as well as investing in ATM's and vending machines.

In 2022, Silky and his wife Verona founded DMV Chill Cryotherapy Wellness Spa, the first Minority-Owned Cryotherapy business in the DC Metropolitan Area. With the aim of promoting Cryotherapy as a holistic alternative, Silky and DMV Chill aspire to raise awareness of its countless benefits and encourage its regular use among people from all walks of life.

Silky's entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his extensive experience in business management, make him a notable figure in the business community. He continues to inspire and pave the way for emerging entrepreneurs, while also championing the promotion of holistic health and wellness.


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